Our Goal is to assist our customers obtain a bigger market shares...

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ACE global logistics (S) Pte Ltd, a member of ACE group, would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to your esteem organizations.


With the extremely strong partnership with external associates, and possession of strong internal network system in China’s forwarding industry. This will give the up-to-date cargo tracking and information.

Our offices form an efficient global network providing multi-modal services. These include domestic and international logistics, air freight, sea frieght, trucking, express freight, dangerous goods, oversized and overweighted goods, door-to-door service and etc.

Supported by a team of outstanding, high quality professionals with eight years of experience: utilizes advanced concepts, teamwork, and innovative and practical methods. We provide advice and solutions to assist our customers in producing high quality products at low cost so that they can thrive in the market place.

In order to satisfy customers' needs, we apply modern technologies and scientific management approaches together with outstanding facilities, to provide the best logistics solutions available. Besides, we offers a wide-range of tailor-made logistics services to customers with special emphasis on efficiency, economy, security and speed.

  Our Goal is to assist our customers obtain a bigger market shares.
  • Lower transportation and production cost, increase competitiveness.
  • Efficiently control the whole transportation process, narrow the gap of products and market.
  • Form strategic alliances; maximise the best gild of all resources.

Given our hard work, and given our identifiable and significant growth ACE Group has, ACE Global Logistics (S) Pte Ltd stands ready to further develop and mature the relationships. We look forward to work with your esteem company to achieve ongoing goals in the future.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for giving us your precious time in reading this introduction. With great interest and enthusiasm, we strongly believe that we are able to create a win-win situation in this competitive marketplace, and enjoy the benefits of globalization.